This means acting according to principles and a responsible vision of our commercial activity and the impact it generates.
At Isoluz we opt for a different way of doing things, a more conscious and committed behaviour concerned not only with our social and natural environment, but also with the economy of our customers. 


For us this is a transversal approach, which runs through our organization, becoming increasingly important because of demand from our customers. They will thank us, no doubt, but society and our environment will also.


For us, corporate social responsibility (CRS) or socially responsible investment is defined as the active and voluntary contribution by companies for social, economic and environmental improvement, generally with the objectie of improving their competitive situtation, their image and their added value.


At Isoluz we seek to incorporate in all our projects measures that enable the accessibility of all persons with some kind of technical, physical or cognitive disability.

Accessibility is a right that implies a person's real possibility to access, transit through and remain safely, comfortably and in an autonomous manner in a location. This implies that the barriers of the physical surroundings must be eliminated.


We are working to spread and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030), also known by their acronym SDOs. This is an initiative launched by the United Nations to give continuity to the development agenda following the Millenium Development Objectives (MDOs).

17 objectives and 169 goals have been proposed as a continuation of the ODMs, including new spheres of action such as climate change, economic inequality,innovation, sustainable consumption, peace and justice, amongst other priorities.

Training support

For us, supporting training both internally and externally is a priority.

It is a way to enhance talent, generating opportunities in our most immediate surroundings and consolidating a community centred on knowledge. For this reason, we collaborate in different projects with professional schools and training centers.


If you want to contact us, we will be delighted to assist you, and will try to respond as rapidly as possible. Thank you