Audiovisual Engineering

Utmost specialisation at the service of audiovisual solutions that are effectively adapted to the needs and objectives of each client and of each project.
Professional advice is essential to ensure the proper execution of any project. For this reason, at Isoluz we offer an exclusive technical consultancy service.
Management of venues We provide audiovisual management services for multidisciplinary venues. Technical consultancy and feasibility study The audiovisual world is in permanent technical evolution, and every year all manufacturers launch new equipment on the market. Graphical documentation We have a Design Department that will prepare the graphical documentation of the set up. This enables our clients to visualise “A PRIORI” the results they want to achieve. Technical supervision of audiovisual installations The Engineering Department will supervise installations that are carried out by other companies. Execution and coordination of events We have top brand cutting-edge equipment and technicians specialised in different areas (audiovisual, lighting and sound) to organise an event that meets your needs. Technical training for users On appointment, a technician will go to the venue of the installation to provide training to operators and users.


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